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How much time will this take?
How much time will this take?
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This microdosing course is designed to go at your own pace. The Microdosing Program is 8-weeks long, where you journey as part of a life-coaching program, integrating mental health practices, life coaching, mood tracking, health and wellness protocols, and

There are 20 hours of core content. You can finish it in a weekend or stretch it out over a month.

The course begins with two weeks of content, which can be completed on the recommended cadence, or done self-paced.

Then, every individual will have a one-on-one meeting with both our resident physician and our psychedelic therapist.

After completing the two weeks of content, your medical meeting with our Chief Medical Officer, and your goal setting sessions with our therapist, you’ll begin your at-home microdosing regimen.

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